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ICT Equipment

This page provides a template and guidance to assist organisations in documenting their approach to management of ICT equipment associated with their system(s) built on ASD's Blueprint for Secure Cloud.

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As <ORGANISATION-NAME>’s approach to implementing controls related to ICT equipment is consistent across all controls addressed within this section, it does not delve into subsections but rather addresses the controls as a group. This approach is consistent with ASD’s Guidelines for ICT Equipment.


ISM controls relating to the appropriate selection, use, maintenance, repair, sanitisation, destruction, and disposal of <SYSTEM-NAME> equipment listed under technical controls implemented are covered by this section of the SSP.

<SYSTEM-NAME> also relies on the implementation of controls within the following system assessments:



Organisational policies and processes implemented

Selection, use, maintenance, repairs, sanitisation, destruction and disposal of <SYSTEM-NAME> equipment is performed according to <ORGANISATION-NAME>’s ICT Equipment Management Policy and associated standard operating procedures (SOPs):

In accordance with <ORGANISATION-NAME>’s ICT Equipment Management Policy, all vendors of ICT equipment used for <SYSTEM-NAME> have been assessed by <ORGANISATION-NAME> as demonstrating a commitment to secure-by-design and secure-by-default principles, use of memory-safe programming languages where possible, secure programming practices and maintaining the security of their products more broadly.


Technical controls implemented

<SYSTEM-NAME> uses the below ICT equipment within its authorisation boundary, with technical controls for <SYSTEM-NAME>’s hardening of ICT equipment performed with reference to the following guidance:

Equipment TypeMake/ModelPurposeHardening Guides Referenced
Laptop Endpoint<MAKE, MODEL>Endpoint for general usersASD’s Blueprint for Secure Cloud
ASD Windows 10 21H1 Hardening Guide
Desktop Endpoint<MAKE, MODEL>Endpoint for select office usersASD’s Blueprint for Secure Cloud
ASD Windows 10 21H1 Hardening Guide
MobileApple iPhone 14Mobile phone for general usersASD’s Blueprint for Secure Cloud
Apple’s iOS 16: iPhones Common Criteria Configuration Guide
(Further examples)
Peripheral - Headset<MAKE, MODEL>Use with Microsoft Teams CallsNone
Peripheral - Dock<MAKE, MODEL>Connection of monitor and peripherals to laptopsNone
Peripheral - Monitor<MAKE, MODEL>Use with laptop and desktop endpointsNone


Security & Governance



External documentation

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