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This section describes the design decisions associated with Autodiscover for system(s) built using ASD's Blueprint for Secure Cloud.

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Autodiscover is a mechanism for the configuration of a user’s email client with minimal user input. The required input from the user is their email address and password.

Autodiscover for a cloud environment varies from the process utilised when on-premises Exchange is leveraged. With a cloud environment, an Autodiscover Endpoint representing the domain is not available. Instead, Domain Name System (DNS) redirection and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) redirection is leveraged to direct the Autodiscover client to a trusted Autodiscover Endpoint.

The high-level process for Autodiscover is:

  1. Autodiscover endpoint looks for a host named autodiscover.<DomainName>.com
  2. DNS provides the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the host
  3. Autodiscover client attempts communication utilising HTTPS (this fails)
  4. Autodiscover client requests redirection over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) (This directs the client to
  5. Autodiscover client attempts communication utilising HTTPS. The communication is successful. However, the new Autodiscover endpoint does not have a server certificate for the requested hostname. This communication is then redirected using HTTPS redirection to an additional Autodiscover endpoint which can provide the required Autodiscover information.
  6. Autodiscover client completes the Autodiscover process with the new Autodiscover endpoint.

The above process requires appropriate External DNS records

Cloud native deployments

Hybrid deployments

Security & Governance

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