ASD's Blueprint for Secure Cloud

Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge

This section describes the configuration of security baselines within Microsoft Intune associated with systems built according to the guidance provided by ASD's Blueprint for Secure Cloud.

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NameSecurity Baseline for Microsoft Edge
PlatformWindows 10 and later


Included groups
Excluded groups

Configuration settings

Microsoft Edge

Allow unconfigured sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer modeDisabled
Allow users to proceed from the HTTPS warning pageDisabled
Enable browser legacy extension point blockingEnabled
Enable site isolation for every siteEnabled
Enhance images enabledDisabled
Force WebSQL to be enabledDisabled
Minimum TLS version enabledEnabled
- Minimum SSL version enabled (Device)TLS 1.2
Show the Reload in Internet Explorer mode button in the toolbarDisabled
Specifies whether SharedArrayBuffers can be used in a non cross-origin-isolated contextDisabled
Control which extensions cannot be installedEnabled
Extension IDs the user should be prevented from installing (or * for all) (Device)*
HTTP authentication
Allow Basic authentication for HTTPDisabled
Supported authentication schemesEnabled
Supported authentication schemes (Device)ntlm,negotiate
Native Messaging
Allow user-level native messaging hosts (installed without admin permissions)Disabled
Password manager and protection
Enable saving passwords to the password managerDisabled
Private Network Request Settings
Specifies whether to allow insecure websites to make requests to more-private network endpointsDisabled
SmartScreen settings
Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreenEnabled
Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to block potentially unwanted appsEnabled
Prevent bypassing Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prompts for sitesEnabled
Prevent bypassing of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warnings about downloadsEnabled

Security & Governance


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